Got a to-do list? Call Jay to run and get it done!

I am Jay Johnson, the manager of this company. My business is based on
a simple goal:
to save you time and money. Imagine some of the benefits of letting me run your errands... will have more time to focus on the important people and activities in your life. won't have to take valuable time off work or use personal days for tedious, time-consuming tasks. can save the money you might spend on long-term parking fees at places such as the airport. won't feel pulled in quite as many directions, or like you're running from sun-up to sun-down.

Let me briefly share a bit about myself, just in case you do not already know me. I have been married for 31
years to my college girl friend. We have lived in Raymore for over 20 years. We have two daughters with
college degrees, both of whom are now married. I am a retired math teacher of 31 years with a masters degree.
The majority of those years I taught 8th graders. I have coached various sports for grades 8-12 throughout my
teaching career. However, track and cross country have been the primary focus of my years as a coach, as well
as an athlete in both high school and college.
The passion, drive, discipline, commitment and strong
work ethic that have contributed to my success as a coach and runner, are the same characteristics
I bring to the service I will provide for you as
I Run Errands 4 U.

Click on the pencils at the top of this page to view some errands I can possibly handle for you. I am also open
to discussing and considering additional errands not included on these lists.

Shown below are some brief character references.

To whom it may concern,

I am writing this letter on behalf of Jay Johnson. For the past 8 years I have
worked as Mr. Johnson's direct supervisor in the Raymore-Peculiar School
District. Mr. Johnson or Coach Johnson, is what he is to us, has been a very
steady and reliable coach for our district for a very long time. I never have to
question the decision making or work ethic of Coach Johnson and his teams are
always prepared and always competitive.  I would recommend Jay Johnson for any
position you are asking him to do. He will do his best at what ever task he has
at hand. I would highly recommend Mr. Johnson.

Tom Kruse
Raymore-Peculiar High School
Activities Director

Jay Johnson has been a positive influence in coaching my children for 14+ years.  In the words of Jiminy
Cricket, Jay is "brave, truthful and unselfish!"

I would trust him to run errands for me and know he will do it with utmost integrity! will
no doubt make life a little bit easier for any busy, working parent. It's just what the Ray-Pec community needs!

Kris Unruh
Parent of Athletes Coached by Jay Johnson